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Pier shot - Memory Monday 4/23/18

This week on Sandbridge Blue's Memory Monday photo contest we bring you some great shots provided by Glenn Messier of Westminster, Maryland.    These are pictures of a fishing pier he shot while on vacation.Pier shotHe also passed along this second shot taken from under the pier as well.pier pictureIt is a beautiful day here in Sandbridge today.  A great day to think about planning your summer vacation.  Temps are warming every day, and it is going to be a great summer at the beach.  We recently heard that beach renourishment will not be taking place this summer at Sandbridge, so there is no concern about work on the beach happening this year during your summer vacation.

Summer Values Await

Sandbridge Blue has many good options for you and your family to consider for a family vacation this summer.   In fact we have several properties offering special promotional pricing for select weeks.  Take a look today and find an excellent value for you and your clan.We look forward to serving you and your family soon.All the best from the beach! 
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