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Peace on the Beach - Memory Monday 12/20/2021

Happy Monday everyone. Are you as excited as we are for Christmas to arrive this week?! Peace on the beach and goodwill towards all is what we are all about at this time of year. It is a great time to be in Sandbridge. There are some guests renting houses, and there are some property owners enjoying their beach getaways as well. But generally things are very quiet this week, and we love it.

Yoga on the beach

This week's Memory Monday photo contest comes to us from Lynda Wright who rented from blue last year. She provided us a different kind of peace on the beach with this picture. Nothing like starting your day sitting on a beach towel by the water stretching your muscles properly. A very peaceful way to start the day.

Peace on the beach
Om shanti shanti shanti

Thank you for this photo memory Lynda. We especially like the fact this picture comes to us from the summer time. We could use a little summer time today as temperatures are a little cooler today than they were in this photo. It makes us look forward to next summer even more.

We wish Lynda, and all of our visitors to Everything Sandbridge a wonderful Christmas, and holiday season. We look forward to serving everyone in 2022.

All the best from the beach!

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