Posted by Tim Cafferty

Morning Fishing - Memory Monday 1/29/18

Good morning from a rainy Sandbridge Beach.  Kind of gloomy early this morning on Virginia' most beautiful beach, but it looks overcast and a bit foggy as we look out on the beach early on this Monday.   Maybe a good day to try some fishing!Temperatures are pleasant today, and we understand that fish don't really mind it when it rains.That brings us to today's Memory Monday photo submission that was sent to us by Huilei Zhang, of Detroit, Michigan who visited Sandbridge Blue this past fall and decided to give some surf fishing a try one early morning.Nice cast!Some folks don't realize that Sandbridge has very good fishing available to visitors.   While most do not do what Huilei is doing here in this photo (surf casting), and would rather head down to Little Island Fishing Pier, the fact is that some of the record catches in Virginia have taken place at Sandbridge.The best time to go fishing, we hear, is right at sunrise like Huilei is pictured doing here, or you can take your chances at dusk.  At either time fish fill their tummies before either a night time fast or a day full of activity.The next time you are in Sandbridge you should rent a house from Sandbridge Blue and then give fishing a try just like Huilei did on his recent stay.Thanks for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you again soon.All the best from the beach! 
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