Posted by Tim Cafferty

Money Shot - Memory Monday 11/13/17

So this week's Memory Monday photo we have entitled Money shot because it is.   We are curios.   Is there anyone out there who has ever been responsible for getting that "just right" family photo?  If you have taken a photo that involves any more than 3 people we think you can identify with the difficulty of getting everyone in sync for the shot.We don't know about you, but it seems there is always someone who didn't wear the correct colored shirt, or someone's pants doesn't fit right, or someone is in a bad mood and doesn't want to be there.  And that is before you get everyone in the property position and get them all to smile - sometimes an impossible task (take our company Christmas picture for this year for instance....awful).Well congratulations goes out to Kimberly Ferguson who did this....So, not only did Kimberly get everyone in coordinated outfits.  Not only did Kimberly get everyone to hold hands at the just right moment.  Not only did she get everyone to look away from the camera when told to do so to provide a classic pose of them all seemingly thinking about the vastness of the ocean.  Not only did she coordinate this picture for (count em) 9 children!  Not only did she not have anyone fussing and seemingly everyone was in a good mood, BUT...check out the lighting over the ocean.   She had the sun setting and the water glistening with a reflective glow just as she was taking the picture.  Awesome picture Kimberly.For those of us that have tried to get our families coordinated for a shot like this and failed miserably, we say hats off to you Kimberly.  You got a money shot!   We have a feeling this may be your family Christmas picture this year.Now can we get you to come back to Sandbridge to take our company photo?!All the best from the beach!
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