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Memory Monday - A Frank Vacation 8/19/19

Greetings from Sandbridge beach where it is going to be another glorious, and hot day at the beach. A great time to be here to enjoy your family summer vacation, and this week we share with you a Frank vacation.

Frank Vacation?

The Frank family recently stayed with Sandbridge Blue and they helped keep our 9 year tradition of sharing photos of their vacation. We have a number of photos from them. Specifically we have to thank Joe Frank who provided all of these shots for us.

The Frank family stayed with Sandbridge Blue the last week of July in the vacation rental property "American Dream."

Mom and Dad celebrating her birthday
Everyone Else celebrating her birthday!
Now THAT is a lot food!

There is nothing like feeding the whole family in a vacation rental. One of the biggest advantages of getting a vacation rental instead of a bunch of hotel rooms is the camaraderie that takes place among the whole group when cooking. Looks like Mom and granddaughter had a great cooking experience above!

The reason we came!

And then of course there is the obvious advantage of a vacation rental of having a deck like this with a view like this every morning!


What a great collection of photos! There were more, but we were going to run out of room here on this week's blog post.

One thing seems for sure. The family seemed to have a really great time on their vacation to Sandbridge!

Thank you Joe for sending along your family photos. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

Remember you too can see your photo memories posted here if you send them in to us here. Each Monday we post photos that guests have sent us. Then we randomly select a winner each month to receive a $100 discount on their next stay with us at Sandbridge Blue.

All the best from the beach!

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