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Cute Kids: Memory Monday September 18, 2017.

Greetings on this Monday morning from Sandbridge.  This week marks the official end of summer 2017 with Autumn rolling in before we visit with you next, but before summer goes we have one last picture of some Cute kids on Sandbridge Beach before we go.Speaking of one last gasp, we hope that is what hurricane season has in store for us as we have Hurricane Jose churning off of our coast this week.  The latest forecast track takes the big storm off of our coast by a couple of hundred miles, but today's weather conditions makes us realize just how big and strong these storms can be.   Even though as this post is being published the storm is still more than 700 miles away from Sandbridge, we are experiencing red flag conditions on the beach, lots of clouds, and one can see the outer rain bands of the storm just off of our coast.    A hurricane is not to be taken lightly and today reminds us of that as we see just the very outer reaches of this storm which is considered a "minor" hurricane.With all of that said it is time to get on to the memory Monday photo of the week brought to us by Karen Taleff of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who recently stayed with Blue and provided us this adorable picture of two shell collectors that were with her on her recent beach vacay.It looks like they enjoyed the shell collecting, and some serious memories were made on their vacation.   That is great, and we look forward to having the Taleff family back again soon - cute kids and all!Be sure to share your photo memories with us.  We publish a photo each Monday here on our blog, and we randomly select a monthly winner of our photo contest where we provide the winning selection with a $100 credit towards their next stay with Sandbridge Blue
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