Posted by Tim Cafferty

Family Time: Memory Monday August 14, 2017.

Greetings from Sandbridge on another beautiful Monday at the beach!   Time for this week's Memory Monday photo submission which comes to us from Michele Dreistadt and we call this one "Family Time."The Dreistadt family is from Bloomingburg, New York and they stayed with Blue recently and enjoyed a great family vacation.   We get so busy doing our jobs here at Sandbridge Blue that sometimes we forget the wonderful memories that are made each and every week by our guests.   This photo really captures what we think family time embodies.   A wise hand holding onto the hands of the future as they approach a new adventure.    This one seems to scream "new adventure" as you can see by the body language the little ones aren't so sure about this whole ocean thing.Certainly a nice picture to share with you on Memory MondayKeep in mind that every week we post photos here on Memory Monday.  Once per month we randomly select a winner from the posted submissions and that person gets a $100 credit towards their next stay with Sandbridge Blue.We have posted hundreds of photos here on Memory Monday over the years, and look forward to posting your photo one day soon.Until next time...all the best from the beach!
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