Posted by Tim Cafferty

Honoring Mothers: Memory Monday May 22, 2017.

Greetings to you on a fantastic Monday here at Sandbridge.   We had a nice weekend and are looking forward to a great week in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend which, believe it or not is next weekend!   Before we get too far removed from it we wanted to take a moment to honor our mothers by sharing some photos from last weekend - Mother's Day.One of our staff came up the the fantastic idea to greet all of our guests with a special card and a rose to honor our Mothers that were staying with Sandbridge Blue last weekend.   So we took about 100 roses, cards and vases and hit the road on Sunday afternoon to greet all of our mothers and honor them on their special day.Oh, and we took some pictures on our trip around Sandbridge while we were making deliveries!We left the card and rose in a vase on the counter for those guests that were not home when we stopped by on Mother's day.  BUT we did come across quite a few mothers that we were able to honor.What a great smile!  She was so happy....Here we were able to catch another group in honor of Mother's day.Looks like their vacation was a happy one!So, we are a week late making note of it here on Everything Sandbridge, but we none the less wanted to honor our mothers and let you know that it appears we have started a new tradition here at Sandbridge blue.   Keep that in mind next year folks when you consider a vacation at the beach.   Don't be surprised if Blue shows up at your door with a rose!All the best from the beach.
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