Posted by Tim Cafferty

Memory Monday 3/5/18 - Everybody Jump!

Greetings from Sandbridge.   Well it is finally March which means the arrival of daylight saving time (next week), and Spring!   Makes a person want to jump for joy!That brings us to this week's Memory Monday photo submission from Kristen Hurlocker of Midlothian, Virginia who stayed with Blue twice in 2017.    Well on one of the times she stayed with us she had all of the youngsters in her group gather at low tide and jump for joy.    We never get tired of great pictures like this.9 people in the air at one time, and we are told this shot was taken on the first attempt!  Great work everyone.This photo is sort of how we feel here at Everything Sandbridge.   The weather is definitely turning warmer on a more regular basis, and it won't be long now before warm days dominate our time.   We love those early morning walks on the beach as the sun is low in the east sky and lighting up the Atlantic ocean.   It has been a little cold, and the wind a bit brisk to enjoy those walks recently, but we feel it coming soon.The only thing better than that is a good late afternoon walk on the beach as the day is coming to a close and the light from the waning sun makes the eastern sky full of all kinds of great colors.   Sort of like this picture from Linda Wise of Reston, VirginiaAnyway, as always we thank our guests for their great memory Monday photo submissions.  Linda and Kristen we look forward to serving you and your families again soon in Sandbridge!All the best from the beach 
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