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Memory Monday 3/12/18 - Artful Monday

Greetings.  Are you still struggling to figure out Daylight Saving Time today like we are? was tough going to bed and hour early last night, and getting the kids to school on time this morning?  Forget about it!   The sun came up this morning however (one hour early) and we share with you today a picture of an artful sunrise here in Sandbridge.Special thanks goes to Robin Kemp-Tate who submitted this week's Memory Monday photo submission which was actually not taken early this morning, but rather on her recent vacation to Virginia Beach and Sandbridge.As Annie says in the super successful broadway play "The sun will come out tomorrow," and this one is a great shot.What really caught our eye however was this next photo that was taken by Robin's friend Judy who stayed with her.We don't know everything about photography here at Everything Sandbridge, but we sure like this photo that Robin sent along.  It almost looks like a painting the way she was able to make the sky turn pink.   Certainly a work of art.  All we can say is "Wow!"Keep those wows coming folks.   Every Monday we post a new photo here provided to us by one of our wonderful guests.   Then each month we randomly select one of the photos as a winner for that month to receive a $100 discount on your next stay with Sandbridge Blue.   To date we have recognized more than 25 people and provided discounts to each on their return trip to Sandbridge.   We are sure you have some great photo memories.   Why not pass them along and cash in?So Robin, thanks for sending your artful photos in.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.  Send some more pics!All the best from the beach.
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