Posted by Tim Cafferty

Cold, Cold, Go Away!: Memory Monday January 9, 2017.

Cold, Cold, Go Away! it some kind of cold here in Sandbridge today and so we have been looking forward to sharing our photo memory from this past summer with you all weekend!The weatherman predicted we would have a lot of snow this past weekend in Sandbridge, and although things were not as bad as expected (we had predictions of more than a foot of snow in the area), we were under a Blizzard warning this past Saturday  and we got several inches of snow.The worst part of the weather however was (and still is) the cold temperatures.   Temps were in the teens both last night and the night before and while VDOT crews have done a good job clearing main interstate highways in Virginia, secondary roads such as we have here in Sandbridge are another story.   It is an icy mess around here!So with all of that said we are looking forward to warming temperatures tomorrow (it is supposed to be back in the 50's tomorrow), and what better way to look forward to warmth than to look at a warm sunny photo memory?!This week's Memory Monday comes to us from George Wolfe who stayed with Sandbridge Blue this past summer and provided us this great shot of some kids enjoying calm seas and warm temperatures!  Note the paddle boarder in the background.... Thanks George for sharing your photo memories with us.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!All the best from the beach!
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