Posted by Tim Cafferty

Lucky Thirteen - Memory Monday 11/23/2020

Good Monday morning from Sandbridge! This week on Memory Monday we have a throwback photo for you. Special thanks to Mary Lou Moreau who supplies this week's photo of thirteen grandchildren.


Those of us that have them are always proud to talk about and show photos our our grandchildren. Just bring up the subject and the various photos come out. Well in this case Mary Lou only needs to bring out one photo (or maybe 2) to show off all of her brood of 13.

That's right she has thirteen grandchildren, and all of them are pictured here in this memorable shot!

Yes, there is 13 of them!
Yep - 13!

What a clever idea. And everyone was coordinated in the photos - very impressive. There is no need to worry about mixing up names either (as long as no one puts on the wrong shirt).

Thank you Mary Lou for staying with Blue, and for sharing your photo memories of your many grandkids. We appreciate you and hope you and your whole family have a great Thanksgiving week.

All the best from the beach!

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