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Let Me at 'em - Memory Monday 2/22/2021

Greetings from a sunny, but brisk Sandbridge Beach this Monday. We are not complaining about the weather given the snow and bitter cold up north, but we sure are looking forward to warmer temperatures this week.

Going to the dogs

One of the most popular subjects for our photo submissions are our guests' dogs. As you know Sandbridge Blue has a large selection of properties that allows guests to bring their dog at no additional charge. This seems to be a very popular option for those of you that submit photos to be seen in this place.

This week we share the photo send to us from Patricia Sullivan of Chantilly, Virginia. Patricia stayed with us at the vacation rental property "Vitamin Sea." She tells us that this photo is of her puppy "Luna." Luna had not seen the ocean before, and as you can tell from this photo it was as if she was saying "let me at 'em!"

At em

Patricia finishes her story by saying she "was delighted by the excitement and joy that Luna expressed at seeing the ocean and playing with the surf as she jumped for joy and ran toward and away the incoming breakers."

Thank you all for the visual image Patricia. We are glad you loved your stay so much and that you shared your photo memories with us.

We look forward to serving you all again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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