Posted by Tim Cafferty

Jumping for joy - Memory Monday 12/21/2020

Sandbridge is a little busier this week than it has been over the past few Mondays. Folks have decided this week is a great time to come to the beach and enjoy some family time. Who can disagree? In this season of joy we like to think Sandbridge is a great place to come together.

Everyone jump!

That is what we have entitled this week's photo memory. It comes to us from Shannon Morris who organized this super shot. Talk about timing - this is a hard thing to coordinate. We wonder how many shots it took to get this "just right" version of everyone in the air, eyes open at the same time, hair not in the way, and lighting perfect.

Jumping for Joy!

Super job Shannon capturing this photo memory. Here's hoping we all have a lot of great family memories this week. Whether you gather with your group here in Sandbridge. Or you are at your home welcoming everyone back for a few days. This is a time to be with the ones you love the most and share the joy of being a family.

Enjoy this week of Christmas. All the best from the beach!

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