Posted by Tim Cafferty

Hurricane Matthew Advisory #2 10/5/16

Cautiously optimisticHurricane Matthew remains a strong and dangerous storm that has impacted thousands of people and created millions of dollars in damage and loss of life.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people affected by the storm to our south.At this point all projected tracks of Hurricane Matthew predict the storm with strafe the coast of Florida, and then run along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina for the next two days before taking an abrupt turn to the right and out to sea where it will weaken and turn even further to the south away from the United States.While this is a positive outcome for the Sandbridge area we urge all visitors to use vigilance over the next few days and stay turned to future forecasts.Sandbridge Blue will continue to monitor the storm and advise of any changes in the storm until the storm is no longer a threat. 
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