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Hurricane Florence Advisory #1

Mandatory Evacuation OrderedAs of 8:00 AM today a state of emergency and a mandatory evacuation are in effect for the Sandbridge area.   The Governor of Virginia have issued a directive to all visitors and residents to evacuate the Sandbridge area effective 8:00 AM today in advance of the approach and landfall of Hurricane Florence.All Properties managed by Sandbridge Blue are affected by this order.All guests in residence were contacted this morning and advised of the requirement to leave and not plan on returning.  All guests that still remain in properties will be followed up with this today.   Guests that are expected to arrive this weekend are advised not to come until they hear from us directly about travel conditions and any property damage.Florence continues to be a very powerful hurricane and is expected to be the strongest Hurricane to ever hit the coast of North Carolina.  While the majority of forecast tracks predict the storm will make landfall on the southern coast of North Carolina, the storm is still more than 1000 miles away and even a slight change of direction over the next two days could bring the storm over our area.Even on the projected path the storm is expected to bring torrential rain, heavy wind, and tidal flooding.  Effects from the storm may be seen through Monday of next week for our area.We expect free movement around the area today as guests continue to depart in an orderly manner, but restrictions will be put in place tomorrow (Wednesday).If you decide to come to the beach, be advised that gasoline is in very short supply here and many gas stations have already run out of fuel.   Be sure you fill up before coming into Virginia Beach!We expect to operate the company on a regular schedule today (Tuesday), but may be required to close tomorrow by local authorities.
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