Posted by Tim Cafferty

How Quickly things Change - Memory Monday 9/14/2020

Happy Monday to you all and thank you for checking in for Memory Monday this week. Some things don't change each week, and Everything Sandbridge is completely dedicated to bringing you a new photo each week.

Crab Man

This week's photo memory comes to us from Linday Farley of Holmes, Pennsylvania who stayed with Sandbridge Blue recently at the vacation rental property "All-Sea-Suns" and shared two precious photos.

The first photo is of the crab man who is holding a blue crab for the camera. You can see the excitement in his face as he poses for the camera.

Then we have another image presumably of our crab man a bit later when the energy has run out.


Many of us parents can relate to the wide open verses shut down experience with young children at the beach. We thank Linda who says the experience was great, and the house was so much fun to stay in.

Thank you Linda. We look forward to serving you, crab man, and all of your family again soon.

All the best from the beach.

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