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Hot Tub Memories - Memory Monday 9/21/2020

Good Monday from a blustery Sandbridge beach today. The waves are high and the wind is strong today here. A good day to retreat to the hot tub and enjoy something other than the beach. Things will be better tomorrow weather wise we are told.

Great Memories

Great memories are something we specialize in here at Sandbridge Blue, and each week we are energized by looking at the photo memories we get from our guests. This week we thank Richard Grolimund of Fresh Meadows, New York who stayed with us at "Pointe O'View" recently.

Richard shared with us two photo memories that we love. It reminds us that most great memories start and end with family. These photos are the kinds of pictures that we expect these folks will be looking at decades from now.

First is the picture entitled "Dunes at Dusk."

Hot tub

That is 9 lives of great memories right there!

Next is the photo entitled "Hot tub memories."

Hot tub

While we don't recommend 9 people in a hot tub, we thank Richard and all of his family for these photo memories from their recent stay. We look forward to serving you all again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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