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Heading South - Memory Monday 3/19/18

We hope you had a great weekend as we welcome you back to Memory Monday.  It was a good weekend here on the coast.   Not only did we enjoy a weekend of being Irish, but we had our famous Shamrock Marathon weekend at the beach.  Runners from all over the world came to Virginia Beach this past weekend to enjoy our hospitality, and our streets as folks ran in either the full marathon, half marathon, 8K race or otherwise.   Weather cooperated for the most part (just a few morning showers yesterday, but temps were perfect for running), and a good time was had by all.   We are calling this week's Memory Monday photo Heading South, as this photo captures one of our guests watching a fishing boat just off of our coast that is obviously heading south to find some fish.Thanks goes to Mandy Hough of Henrico, Virginia who recently stayed with Sandbridge Blue and gives us this well timed photo or her daughter Taylor down at the shoreline just as this boat passes off shore and speeding towards the fishing grounds.While it is not unheard of to see a fishing boat this close to the coast, it is quite unusual to see one this close.   Just to our north a few miles is Rudee Inlet which is home to a few marinas and fishing boats.  Particularly in the fall you may see fisherman heading out to find the elusive rock fish or stripers which have been known to migrate close to the shore between Virginia Beach and Corolla, NC to our south.This fisherman no doubt got a tip that the fish were to the south and he's headed that way to find them.Thanks again Mandy for your photo memories.   We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.All the best from the beach.
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