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Happy Family Reunion Month

Survey - Families Do Want To Spend Time Together...In Vacation Rentals!

July has been designated as National Family Reunion Month, and in honor of that HomeAway, Inc, the world's larges online marketplace for vacation rentals has released results of the "HomeAway Family Reunion Survey."
We Are Family!

The company reports more than 2000 people shared how they plan and prepare for a family reunion as well as their favorite activities when the fam gets together.

Some of the more revealing statistics from the survey include:
-63% of respondents report that they have been to a family reunion and 29% have attended one in the past two years.
-81% of the respondents said the most cherished memory is "spending time together."
-The most popular request among reunioners - PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE!
-The top way to offend family members?   Drink too much (28 percent were put off by this) followed closely by paying too much attention to your phone or tablet (26%) and being a cheapskate (15%).
-Group meals is the single most cherished memory of family reunions (60%) with "cooking great food" is noted as the best way to impress relatives.
-Most families plan 6 months to One Year Ahead of the planned gathering.
-The average reunion trip lasts 5 days and is made up of 8 adults and 4 children
-54% cite separate bedrooms so everyone can have their own space and space to gather as a family the most important aspects of accommodations for reunions.
-The most ideal accommodation for a family reunion is a Vacation Rental Home (33%).
Sandbridge Beach is a GREAT Family Reunion Location!

HomeAway also asked about travellers' entertainment choices.

25% indicated they would like Jimmy Fallon to attend their reunion to "keep everyone laughing," and 17% chose Blake Shelton "to lead the family sing-a-long" meanwhile The Kardashians are the least welcome at their reunion (34%)!

When asked what songs best represent their family reunion "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge (40%) ranked #1 while "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas came out on the bottom of the list (3%).

HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples commented "Vacation rentals offer unbeatable savings for family reunions compared to booking multiple hotel rooms, eating out at restaurants, and renting spaces for meals and gatherings.   Whether it is cooking and sharing a family recipe, playing in the swimming pool, or late night conversations in the living room, vacation rentals give families the space to spend quality time and make lasting memories together."

Sandbridge Blue has many properties in our selection which are perfect for your next family's reunion.  Just bring your favorite recipe, your Sister Sledge Cd's, and please put down the tablet or cell phone.

All the best from the beach!

By Tim Cafferty, President, Sandbridge Blue Realty Services

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