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Guest Update 4/28/2020

Looking To The Future

First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your family well. We all have been pushed to our limits with the Covid-19 Pandemic and we understand that many of you look forward to a Sandbridge beach getaway in the near future. We have missed you!

As you are probably aware Sandbridge Blue made the determination in March to not honor any rentals that were set to arrive in the month of April. This action, was costly to our property owners as well as our guests, but we still feel it was the right thing to do.

With the support of our rental property owners we thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back to Sandbridge very soon.

Now, more than a month later the month of May looms, and it is now time for us to re-address our position of not honoring rentals.

Governor Northam continues to urge all individuals to stay at their residence with Executive Order #55, but since the order was issued at the end of March, there are strong indications that the order will be lifted soon and a phased re-opening of the state will begin.

With this in mind Sandbridge Blue will continue to cancel all contracted rentals through May 14th.

Another way of looking at this is, unless conditions deteriorate, we will begin again to welcome guests to our properties beginning May 15th.

We welcome guests back only after we have done a thorough analysis of cleaning recommendations as it relates to Covid-19. Times have changed, and our approach to allowing guests back in our rental properties has also changed. We will be doing our part to properly sanitize the properties prior to your arrival, and in fact since the end of March all Sandbridge Blue rental properties have had a thorough deep clean or "spring cleaning" done. This has involved moving all furniture and cleaning behind, under and on top of every item in the property. Our properties have never been cleaner.

You as rental guests also have a critical role in our overall community health and safety as you visit Sandbridge, Please practice social distancing at all times and follow the guidelines provided by the Governor and local authorities.

Changes to our Processes

Among the changes you will encounter when you stay with Sandbridge Blue this summer are the following:

-Every flat surface in the property will be thoroughly sanitized. All switches, remote controls, handles, railings, knobs, faucets, sinks, and appliances will be addressed in each cleaning. This will result in significantly longer cleaning times in our properties and thus guests should not plan on arriving earlier than check in time for the summer season of 2020.

-Check out time will be moved from 10 AM to 9 AM so that our professional housekeepers can have more time in the properties to properly clean and sanitize all surfaces.

-At least through the end of June all Early Check Ins will be cancelled. If a guest has paid for ECI the cost will be refunded. Arrivals at our rental properties will be no earlier than 4 PM. For your own health and safety guests should not plan on coming to the house early with the hope of an early occupancy.

-All Blue Ribbon service properties that previously allowed a 1 PM access to the property will now have no earlier than a 2 PM access to the property.

-All interior surfaces will be sanitized. This includes all soft goods such as blankets, bedspreads, pillows, decorative pillows, and furniture. Sanitized bed coverings will continue to be provided. Any guest that does not feel comfortable using the items that are sanitized in the property should plan on bringing their own items. This would include guests providing their own pillows, blankets and bed coverings if they choose not to use what is sanitized and provided in the property.

-If there is a need for a Sandbridge Blue employee to enter the property during a guest tenancy (i.e. maintenance request) it will be done with social distancing and PPE will be used. Facemasks and gloves will be worn by staff on any visit to an occupied property and strict social distancing standards will be required of our staff and guests. Appointments for priority service calls will be our standard so we can limit interactions with guests and staff for the protection of all involved.

We at Sandbridge Blue have the safety of you, our property owners and our employees as our top priorities. As we begin welcoming back our rental guests we hope you find comfort and purpose in today's announcement.

All the best from the beach!

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