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Go Whale Watching in the Winter!

Have you ever wondered what there is to do in #Sandbridge, Virginia Beach during the winter months?  

Go whale watching! 

I used to think you had to go somewhere remote like Alaska or Iceland to see whales.  Not true!  Catch them while they are migrating south for the winter.  Now is a great time to vacation in Sandbridge Beach and see some of the most magnificent creatures on earth in their natural habitat.

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Image courtesy of Brian Lockwood

Virginia Beach Fishing Center offers sea life watching tours!
Whale watchers will search for humpback and fin whales off the coast of Virginia Beach. Each excursion is narrated by a trained Aquarium educator while experienced volunteers show whale artifacts and answer questions.
A unique, exciting opportunity for entire families to experience. You may see brown pelicans, northern gannets, double-crested cormorants and other sea birds, all of which make a dramatic show while feeding on schools of fish.
Local landmarks such as the historic Cape Henry Lighthouse, DeWitt Cottage and the Old Coast Guard Station may also be visible on some trips, as well as international shipping traffic and U.S. Navy maneuvers.
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