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Glorious sunrise - Memory Monday 8/27/18

Good Monday Morning!  We hope you are enjoying a great Monday as we are here at Sandbridge.  This is the last full week before our kids go back to school here in Virginia Beach so we are going to embrace this week just as it looks like this glorious sunrise embraced the day.This fantastic picture comes to us from Valerie Whetstone who stayed with Blue some time ago, but we did not forget her picture and we've been waiting for that just right opportunity to share it with you.   Today seems as good a time as any to reach into the archives and pull it out to share with you.Ready?   Here it is![caption id="attachment_1121" align="alignnone" width="390"]Glorious sunrise Good Morning world![/caption]We actually don't know exactly where Valerie took this picture, but that doesn't diminish the beauty of it.   It also reminds us that getting up early in the morning has some special benefits.   Not only do you get a jump on the day, but if you head to the beach you get to see glorious sights like this.   All we can say is Wow!So this is the second week in a row of fantastic sunrises we've shared with you.  Maybe another one coming next Monday?  You never know...come back then to check it out for yourself.Also don't forget that we are always looking for great photos that share memories of our guests' stay.   Each Monday we post a photo here to share those memories with you all, and then to make sure the positive memories are carried on we randomly draw one of our entrants each month to win our contest where we give the winner a $100 discount on your next year's stay with Sandbridge Blue.Keep that in mind the next time you are rolling through your photo memories!All the best from the beach!
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