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Favorite Super Bowl Foods Memory Monday 2/4/19

What a game last night huh? Not exactly the offensive show everyone was predicting prior to the game, but we have to be honest and say that the game was secondary to our enjoyment of the evening. We enjoyed the food and the commercials more than the game - just like we do every year.

We read this article this past week on Google trends that we found very entertaining. It highlighted the most popular foods for the super bowl depending on what state you are in.

Here in Virginia we evidently enjoy Buffalo Chicken Dip along with West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Kansas, Georgia, and Connecticut. Our neighbors to the south in North Carolina evidently have Cobb Salad as a go to for the big game. Maryland enjoys pizza along with Michigan. Cake is the go to snack for Wyoming, Tennessee, and Florida while Louisiana goes with cupcakes.

Some of the others we found interesting was Maine's Paella, Idaho's salads, and California's Baked Chicken. You can read the whole list here and tell us what you like best for the big game.

All of this eating reminded us of some of our photo memories from this past year that we still have in the hopper. Here's a pictured from Doug Davis showing this gal's favorite food

Super melon
Calla at the beach

Or this picture from Jennifer Grabowski of their family enjoying some food

Super time

Regardless of who you enjoyed the big game with, or what you ate, we hope you enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday and are looking forward to gathering with your group at Sandbridge this coming summer.

We have just the right place for you at the beach!

All the best from the beach.

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