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Family Portrait - Memory Monday 9/20/21

Good Monday from Sandbridge! Summer is officially over on this Wednesday, but we still have a couple of days of our favorite season left. Let's get out with our family and enjoy it while we can!

Group picture

One of the things we notice here on Everything Sandbridge is the number of photos we get from happy vacationers. Everyone seems to be so happy getting together at the beach. We enjoy bringing you these pictures. We especially enjoy bringing you family portraits like this week's memory Monday photo submission. We like to think the group photos like you see here will also be hanging on a wall somewhere in a house bringing many happy memories to the people pictured there.

This weeks memory Monday photo comes to us from Regina Iadanza of Kings Park, New York who shares this great group photo with us. She and her family stayed in the vacation rental "Aquatic Dreams" in August.

group photo
Family Portrait

Many thanks to Regina for sharing her photo memories. It looks like everyone smiled at the right time, and this one will be on someone's wall for a very long time!

We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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