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Family Memories - Memory Monday 11/15/2021

The holiday season is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is just 10 days away! Time to think about getting the folks together and creating some family memories. That is the subject of this week's Memory Monday.

Creating Memories

is what having a vacation rental property is all about. Each week we here at Sandbridge Blue we get the opportunity to help make it happen for people. This week's photo memory really brings it home for us about just how many people are impacted by our work.

Special thanks goes to Nakisha Johnson of Saint Helena Island, South Carolina. She and her extended family stayed in "A Crown Jewel" earlier this month and Nakisha sent us this fantastic representation of her group.

A Crown Jewel is a very large property that is uniquely set up to accommodate large gatherings that help generate family memories just like this one. Take a look at the size of that fireplace!

Family Memories
Hello world!

There were a lot of thoughts that accompanied this group photo that resonated with us on this Monday with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching so quickly. One of the comments Nakisha sent along was "Not only were our days filled with amazing conversation, and lovely spirit we were able to speak on the importance of family and bonding in our community." Another comment "it was a pleasure and I enjoyed every moment of it."

Wow. Thank you Nakita for sharing your family memories from your recent stay. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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