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Explore Family Farm Fun in Sandbridge Beach, VA

Family Farm Fun in Sandbridge Beach

There's more to Sandbridge Beach than sun, sand, and surf. In the surrounding area, you'll find family-owned farms where you can pick your own fruits and berries, shop for farm-fresh produce, hobnob with longtime residents, and even get to pet goats and donkeys.

Here are a few popular farms located in or near Sandbridge, VA.

BayBreeze Farms (1076 Sandbridge Road)

Conveniently situated right in Sandbridge itself, BayBreeze purveys its own farm-fresh produce (and more) at its covered open-air market. Drop by to shop for garden-fresh veggies, homemade breads, freshly cut flowers, handcrafted soaps, and succulent seafood, including crabmeat and scallops.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? BayBreeze was one of the first local farms to introduce exotic vegetables, such as dikong radish and napa cabbage. Pick some up for your next gourmet meal.

Henley Farm (3513 Charity Neck Road)

For four generations now, the Henleys have been operating their "pick-your-own" family farm in the historic Pungo district, 9.3 miles south of Sandbridge Beach via Sandbridge Road.

From May through December, the farm is fully open to the public. Come in late spring through early summer to pick large, succulent strawberries. Plus, drop by anytime during the summer to gather tender fresh vegetables like beans, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet corn. Be sure to bring your own baskets or buckets and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Prefer already-picked fruits and veggies? Drop by the farm's on-site market. And have your camera handy, too. The picturesque farm provides plenty of scenic photo-ops.

Flanagan Farm (1880 North Muddy Creek Road)

Flanagan Farm is located just a half-mile south of the Pungo stoplight - and about 8 miles from Sandbridge Beach - this fifth-generation family farm grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables in its rich, fertile, well-drained soil.

From late April through early June, you can pick your own juicy strawberries, specially grown with plasticulture to ensure better size, taste, and texture. And throughout summer you can purchase the farm's fresh, sustainably grown produce - ripe tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and more.

Cartwright Family Farms (1549 North Muddy Creek Road)

Hankering for some tasty pork? Come to Cartwright Family Farms, just 7 miles south of Sandbridge Beach via Sandbridge Road.

This small family-owned operation humanely raises heritage-breed registered hogs: Berkshires, Tamworths, Red Wattles, and Berkabaws (a cross between Berkshire and Ossabaw Island hogs).

These prize hogs roam and forage freely in woodland and pasture paddocks. Plus, they're fed premium non-GMO feed, with no added hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals.

The "end product" is tender, mouthwatering meat that puts supermarket pork to shame. And it's available for purchase online or on-site at the Cartwright farmer's market. You can pick up a whole or half hog (assuming you have enough storage space in your vehicle!). Or you can opt for choice individual cuts such as hams, loins, and Boston butt.

Hunt Club Farm (2388 London Bridge Road)

Hunt Club Farm is located about 9 miles north of Sandbridge, this 30-acre family farm offers something your children will love: a kid-friendly petting zoo.

Your youngsters will get to ride ponies, cuddle chickens, pet alpacas, feed goats, and rub elbows with sheep, geese, turkeys, llamas, pigs, donkeys, and more.

Plus, they can stroll through the BirdWalk Aviary for close encounters with parakeets, doves, and other fine-feathered friends. And, at the new TreeTop Adventure, they can climb rope ladders, walk along long wooden bridges (safely enclosed in sturdy netting), enjoy panoramic views from several lofty treehouses, then slide back down to the ground at the shore of a shimmering pond.

Cullipher Farm Market (772 Princess Anne Road)

You'll have to drive a bit farther - about 14 miles south - to reach this Pungo Ridge farm, but the trip is more than worth it.

Owned and operated by generations of Culliphers, this popular farm includes fields of fresh vegetables, pick-your-own berry patches, apple orchards, and expansive vineyards. Depending on when you visit, you can:

  • Load up on tender spring veggies - asparagus, May peas, sugar snaps, greens, onions, leeks, cucumbers, and more
  • Purchase sun-ripened summer favorites like sweet corn, tomatoes, snap beans, eggplant, and melons
  • Stock up on collards, squash, and four different varieties of sweet potatoes

Pick-your-own fruits also vary by season - strawberries in spring; blueberries, figs, peaches, nectarines, plums, and melons in summer; and crisp, sweet apples in fall. Plus, the farm sells additional fruits supplied by reputable local orchards.

Taste and See for Yourself

Sandbridge Beach offers so much more than many people imagine. Gather the fam, load up the car, and head out for a memorable outing.

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