Somewhere over the rainbow – Memory Monday 10/25/2021


We hope you are having a fantastic Monday wherever you are. Things are glorious in Sandbridge (as usual), and we are counting our lucky stars that the weather is as good as it is on the last Monday in October. This week’s Memory Monday photo submission reminds us of how lucky one can be. No offense to Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz we prefer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole when the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” comes to mind. READ MORE

February Sunrise – Memory Monday 2/24/2020


Greetings from a sunny and cool Sandbridge where we are enjoying the sunny skies today, but also ready for the temperatures to rise to the summer season. Days like today make us understand that better days are ahead. It is hard to believe today is the last Monday in February! READ MORE

Snowy Owl spotted in Sandbridge!

Photo by Karen Beatty

As our neighbors to the north are expecting more
snow this weekend, we have no snow in our Sandbridge
Beach forecast
.  However,
recent sightings of a Snowy Owl at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge have birders and nature enthusiasts excited about
its appearance.  They have usually do not travel this far south, so there is no wonder the
excitement level is high for those who track this bird!

The images above are from searches on eBird, the online database of bird sightings run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and
National Audobon Society.  They show snowy owl sightings for November only, for 2009 (a
non-invasion year), 2011 (the last big invasion), and 2013.  Others are found later in the winter,
of course, but these are restricted to November to allow comparison to 2013.  Each marker
represents a single location, but doesn’t indicate anything about numbers of individuals.  Notice
how this year’s flight is shifted sharply to the east, including observations on Newfoundland and Bermuda. 

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