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Calm Before Storm - Memory Monday 9/16/19

Greetings from another glorious morning here in Sandbridge. The sun is shining brightly, the ocean is calm, and temperatures are expected to be in the mid-80's today. We suspect this will be one of the last summer like days before autumn arrives later this week.

Hurricane Dorian

Last week at this time we were in clean up mode here in Sandbridge from Hurricane Dorian who passed by here and blew a lot of sand around the area. Today we share an image that old timers would be able to talk about for days.

Do you remember the old saying? "Red Sky in the morning is a sailor's warning." Indeed that is what we thought of when we saw this picture provided to us by Kevin who stayed with us at "Hala Kahiki" during the recent storm. He provides us this view from the house the morning before the storm's arrival.


You can see the red hues in the eastern sky. In the "old days" that would be a warning to sailors that bad weather may be approaching.

We did some research on the matter and indeed there is some science behind the red sky idea. On line spots we looked at tell us that a red sky could mean that a high pressure area (good weather) has already passed, thus making it likely for a storm system (bad weather) may be moving in from the west. Another red sky reason could be that the atmosphere is full of moisture meaning that rain is on the way. Fascinating.

We thank Kevin for sending along his photo memory of his stay. We hope this will be the last thought of not only Hurricane Dorian, but also all tropical weather this year.

Keep in mind we post a photo from a guest each Monday, and we randomly choose one of those photos each month to win a $100 discount on their next rental with us here at Sandbridge Blue. Send us your photo memories today!

All the best from the beach!

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