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Boys - Memory Monday 8/5/19

We hope you are having a good Monday Morning! It is another glorious day here at Sandbridge. This week we bring you a picture on Memory Monday that we have entitled "Boys." As in they will do the silliest things or as some might say...

Boys will be Boys

We are not going to attribute this week's Memory Monday photo, but we will tell you the story behind the picture. We have all seen youngsters being very active on the beach, and sometimes the call of nature occurs.

We do understand that some young folks may run to the water in these instances, but in this case we had two young gentlemen ask their parents what to do. Well, the parents told the boys, not to go on the beach, but rather to go back up to the house and relieve themselves. That is exactly what they did.


Well, they did follow instructions!

You have to admit, the irony of this is pretty darn funny. Boys will be boys!

If you come to Sandbridge and have some photo or two that captures your visit that you would like to share please keep us in mind.

Each Monday we post another photo from a guest that captures a great memory of their stay. You can get in on the fun as well. Simply send us your photos to and give us a brief explanation. Who knows? You may see your photo memories here one day very soon.

Each week we post a photo, and then we choose one photo randomly each week to win our monthly contest. The winner gets $100 off their next stay with blue.

We look forward to serving you soon. We look forward to seeing your photo memories soon as well.

All the best from the beach!

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