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Bird lover - Memory Monday 7/23/18

Greetings from Sandbridge.   This Monday is a beautiful day - if you are a sea bird.   Unfortunately a rainy Monday so far, and we have an unsettled weather pattern this week.  Much different than we have seen for the majority of this summer.That brings us to this week's Memory Monday photo submission that comes to us from JoAnn Morgano of Copley, Ohio who stayed with Sandbridge Blue just two weeks ago at the property "Strickly Fun."JoAnn's e-mail address is birdlover@ so we figured on a day when birds are taking it easy we would post JoAnn's pictures!Sure looks like JoAnn and her gang had a great time while they were in Sandbridge.The bird fun at "Strickly fun" started in the pool.Bird watcherJoAnn sent us a number of pictures from her recent stay.   Here's one some hula girls that vacationed with her!Bird girlThen there is this photo where is looks like this young lady is flexing her muscles at the ocean before going out there to show it who is boss....looking for birdsFinally there is a picture of the whole flock of bird lovers....everyone has a big smile so it looks like the stay at Sandbridge was a big success...whole bird crewThank you JoAnn for sharing your photo memories with us.   Makes us feel good about what we do here at Sandbridge Blue - helping to create great memories.This gives us an opportunity to remember to tell you that every Monday we post a picture (or several) that were passed on to us from our wonderful guests who send along their pictures each week.  Bird themes are not required.    We then randomly select one of our postings each month to win our drawing for a $100 discount towards your next year's stay with Sandbridge Blue.We look forward to hearing from you all soon.All the best from the beach.
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