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Beautiful Beach - Memory Monday 12/14/2020

We wish you a great Monday from Sandbridge. Only a few more weeks in this "beautiful" year that most of us can't wait to see the back end of. But we pause today for another photo memory of one of our guests. This photo provides a great pause from all the craziness of this year.

Peaceful and quiet

are two words that come to mind when we walk on the beach at this time of the year. That is also what comes to mind when looking at this week's memory Monday photo submission. Beautiful is another word that comes to mind.

This week's photo comes to us from Shelly Diehl of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania who stayed with us in 2019, but the photo still works. We don't know the pup's name, but it is enjoying a quiet day on the beach.

Beautiful Beach

At this time of year we get a lot of days just like what is pictured here. Yesterday was one of those days with temperatures that reached into the low 70's. We had light winds and abundant afternoon sunshine to enjoy. Just like what is pictured here.

Thank you Shelly for sharing your photo memories. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

Keep in mind each Monday we share a photo memory of one of our guests here on Everything Sandbridge. We then randomly choose one of the photos from each month to win a $100 discount on their next year's stay with Sandbridge Blue.

In the meantime we are headed back to the beach to enjoy some solitude.

All the best from the beach!

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