Posted by Tim Cafferty

Beach Jump - Memory Monday 8/16/21

Greetings on another great Monday here in Sandbridge. This week's Memory Monday photo submission says it all in the title - Beach Jump.

Creative photos

are what we are always looking for here at Everything Sandbridge. We see a lot of sun rises. We see a number of sunsets. We also see a lot of pets. We love all of these photos, BUT we really get excited when we get a creative photo.

That is what we have this week from Brooke Choate of Berwyn, Pennsylvania who stayed with us just last week in the vacation rental "Me Happy."

Well, it looks like Brooke's family was happy when they coordinated this beach jump photo.

1-2-3 jump!

What a fun and creative photo. Thank you Brooke for sharing your photo memories of your recent vacation in Sandbridge. We look forward to serving you all again soon for your next beach jump.

Keep in mind that your photo memories could be here next week! Each week we publish someone's photo, and then each month we randomly choose one of those photos to receive a $100 discount off their next stay with Sandbridge Blue.

All the best from the beach!

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