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Backyard Memories - Memory Monday 5/17/21

Good Monday to you from all of us here at Sandbridge Blue. It is another great week ahead of us here in Sandbridge. Hard to believe that Memorial Day is two weeks from today, and the summer season will officially be off and running for 2021.

This week's Memory Monday photo entry comes to us from Mary Gracie Stewart who stayed with us 2 weeks ago in the property "It's All Good."

They had a great week at the beach and they really enjoyed the water access at the house. Take a look at this photo of them enjoying the backyard at the property.


Having access to the back bay in the backyard really gives a visitor to Sandbridge many options of how to enjoy the day. If the beach is not quite to your liking then you can always get on a raft or paddleboard and enjoy the day on the fresh water side of the area.

That is exactly what Mary Gracie did in this photo, and we thank her for sharing her photo memories with us. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach

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