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Back Bay Day - Memory Monday 9/13/21

Greetings from Sandbridge. The home of great beaches, better weather, and the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. Back Bay is the subject of this week's photo memory of one of our guests.

A day of exploring

Back Bay has been the subject of our weekly blog in the past, but we've not had anyone submit a photo in some time so we have a great opportunity to reacquaint you with its beauty and alure.

Located on the west side of Sandbridge the refuge was established in 1938. It involves hundreds of acres that protects marshland, native fauna and migratory birds.

Thanks goes out this week to Jennifer Jordan of Henrico, Virginia who stayed with us last week in the vacation rental property "Sandy Pants."

She captured several great shots of Back Bay. She took a tram ride through the refuge. Jennifer said "it was so peaceful and quiet." See for yourself.

back bay
back bay
Back bay

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your adventure through Back Bay with us. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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