An Update for Sandbridge Blue Guests arriving in April

Good day from Sandbridge Beach. We hope you are well, and looking forward to enjoying time with us in the near future.

As uncertainty continues to reign in our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to let you know of a policy development here at Sandbridge Blue. This policy will be affecting all of our arriving guests in the month of April.

Governor’s Executive Order

On Monday of this week Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued Executive Order #55. That order, while not specifically prohibiting, nor allowing vacation rentals in the Commonwealth indicated that “All Individuals in Virginia shall remain at their place of residence.”

While we offer no criticism for those that continue to welcome guests over the next 30 days, we have decided at Sandbridge Blue that is not how we will operate. We feel the right thing to do at this point in the interest of safety for all is to cancel all reservations that were due to arrive in the month of April. That is what we are doing effective yesterday, March 31, 2020.

A quiet day at Sandbridge

If guests did arrive this month they would find restaurants and attractions closed, the beach closed to everything but “exercise and fishing,” and the relaxing vacation envisioned when they booked their stay would not be the same. Ultimately we feel that while the Governor’s Executive Order does not specifically exclude the honoring of these rentals it is clear that people should not be in a vacation rental property in Sandbridge at this time. They should be at their place of residence.

This has been a stressful time for all of us, and we want to thank all of our guests for their patience. We want to particularly thank those who have been very kind in their dealings with our staff when you have called to ask questions that we don’t always have an answer for.

Our management team will be contacting each guest that had a lease agreement in place for an April vacation as your week of arrival presents itself. We will be offering the ability to transfer to another week in the same property, or, if necessary a full refund of all monies paid on the rental in question.

At this point we are only dealing with reservations that were set to arrive in April. Like all of you, we are optimistic about a return to normalcy, and we will deal with May reservations and beyond at that time. Please do not contact us about reservations that are set to arrive in May, June or beyond.

Please be safe, and know that we look forward to welcoming all of you properly in the near future.

All the best from the beach!