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7 Games You Can Play at Sandbridge Beach, VA

Many folks come to Sandbridge Beach just to soak up the sun, splash in the surf, and savor the peace and quiet. But, if you have an active family, you may want to do even more. That's where beach games come in. From classics like corn hole and volleyball to new faves like BucketBall® and Jazzminton®, these fun-filled activities will keep your family entertained for hours on your next Sandbridge Beach vacation.

Start Out Simple with Frisbee®

What beach vacation is complete without a few rounds of Frisbee? If you prefer casual fun to fierce competition, simply toss your Frisbee back and forth with friends and family members. Keep it light-hearted - you can even chat while you're tossing.

If you're up for a bit more excitement, you can send your Frisbee soaring into the distance so other players must scramble to catch it. (They'll do the same for you when it's their turn to toss, of course.)

Ready to ramp up the intensity even further? Set up a Flying Disk Aim Game, available online, featuring special poles that turn classic Frisbee into competitive ring toss.

Love playing Frisbee Fetch with your pooch? Dogs are allowed on Sandbridge Beach before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. during peak season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) - and anytime during the off-season - but they must be kept leashed in public. This may make Doggie Frisbee a bit challenging, but perhaps a long retractable leash will help! Alternatively, if you're renting a waterfront unit, you can confine Pupster Frisbee to the unit's backyard or patio.

Set up a Portable Corn hole Game

Did you know you can purchase collapsible cornhole sets that fit inside a compact carry pouch? They're available online at budget-friendly prices. And they're simple to set up right on the beach. (Don't worry; they're also waterproof.)

If you've never played this popular two- or four-person game, you're in for a treat. Players toss bags filled with filler (either corn kernels or synthetic material) from a designated "pitching box." The goal is to land each bag inside a hole on the cornhole board. Each team gets four bags of one color. Opposing players alternate throwing the bags until all eight have been thrown. The team that scores the most points gets to go first in the next round. And yes, it's so absorbing that play sometimes goes on for hours, so be sure to bring along plenty of snacks and cold beverages!

Enjoy Badminton Net-Free With Jazzminton

Let's face it. It can be a hassle to haul around a bulky badminton net and then set it up on the beach. Fortunately, with Jazzminton - available online - you don't need to do any of that. This simplified version of the classic game provides two rackets and four birdies, all packable in a convenient carrying pouch. You simply hit the birdies back and forth, making up your own rules as you go. It's so easy you can even play while sitting down. Little kids absolutely love it!

Try BucketBall, the Game You Can Play Literally Anywhere

Seeking the ultimate beach-friendly game? Get the official BucketBall game, available online.

The set itself is supremely portable. The lightweight components come in a cinchable carry sack, which you can toss right over your shoulder. You get two sets of six sturdy buckets plus an assortment of balls. Some sets come with a triangular rack for grouping the buckets. The goal is simple: to toss the balls into the other team's buckets.

Each team consists of one to two players. Beginners stand 15 feet from the buckets, while experienced players toss their balls from 25 feet away. And, of course, you can adjust these specs to suit your own preferences. That's the beauty of BucketBall. It's flexible and adaptable, so you can play any way you want.

Play Bocce Ball - Fun for All Ages

This traditional Italian game is not just for Grandpa anymore. The entire family, young and old, will have a blast rolling bigger bocce balls toward the pallina, the smaller target ball. It takes skill to strike the pallina - especially if you're playing on the sand! - but you get points for even coming close, so it's perfect for beginners. Best of all, bocce sets are easily portable, so they're custom-made for the beach. 

Build an Elaborate Sandcastle

Little ones love building sand castles. And today's sandcastle sets transform this age-old pastime into an art form. Purchase inexpensive molds online to help your pint-size artists create complex structures such as intricate castles with multiple turrets and towers. Or just let them build their own masterpieces from scratch with the help of plastic buckets. 

And Don't Forget Volleyball

It's the beach game par excellence. And yes, it does require a little bit of setup. Fortunately, though, today's volleyball sets are conveniently lightweight and packable. Take a few minutes to install the net, and you're good to go. You'll have so much fun you won't even notice that you're burning calories, building muscle, and enhancing heart health.

Plus, So Much More

You'll find countless ways to keep your family entertained at Sandbridge Beach, VA - from waterproof card games to seashell and scavenger hunts. And don't forget, this secluded coastal retreat is also the perfect spot for simply relaxing and unwinding. Pack up the car, gather the fam, and head off to Sandbridge Beach soon!

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