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You probably don't think "Mexican food" when you think ofbeach cuisine...but why not? Everybody loves a good Taco Tuesday or margaritanight! When it comes to great food, Virginia Beach has options to suit everypalate and tasty Mexican fare is no exception. If you're looking for someplaces to choose from, here's a list with some delicious options.

Side Street Cantina

Mexican Restaurants & Dishes in Virginia Beach

Site Street offers a menu full of Mexican food with aPeruvian twist on the oceanfront. Whether you're looking for a place for lunch,carryout, or night life, you can find it here! Locals and visitors gather here fordrinks and a good time in a friendly, coastal atmosphere. One unique traitabout this restaurant is the open-air kitchen that takes center stage where youcan watch your order being made fresh on the grill.

"Must try" menu item: Mixed Peruvian Style Ceviche

If you like seafood, this is the menu item for you. Straightfrom their menu description: Fresh fish, shrimp, calamari, and sashimi stylefresh filets of fresh seafood marinated in a perfectly balanced "Leche deTigre" with a side of sweet potato medallions. Is your mouth watering yet?

Gringo's Taqueria

Mexican Restaurants & Dishes in Virginia Beach

This Baja style is the ultimate combination of freshness andflavor; you'll be able to tell after the first bite of homemade habanero creamsauce. It's a given that the food is amazing, but one thing that sets thisrestaurant apart is their awesome, friendly staff, top-notch customer service,and friendly atmosphere. There's a reason this taqueria has been voted "BestFish Tacos" every year since 2013! Once you try them, you'll be hooked too, andthat's why it's our "Must try" menu item! The price is phenomenal too at just$5.50.

Los Cuates Taqueria

Mexican Restaurants & Dishes in Virginia Beach

If you're looking for authentic style Mexican cuisine, thisis the place to go! It may not look like much from the outside with its stripmall location, but as the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by itscover. The menu includes tortas, burritos, quesadillas, elote (street corn),flautas, and of course, tacos. Everything is made from scratch restaurant is ahit with locals and visitors alike. It's a little bit of a longer drive from yourSandbridge vacation rental than some of the other options on this list, but it'sworth the drive.

"Must try" menu item: Guacamole

Usually the guacamole is more of an afterthought or just something to eat your chips with, but that isn't the case at Los Cuates! The guacamole is chock-full of jalapenos, tomatoes, and cilantro and will add the perfect finishing touch to just about anything else on the menu.

Guads Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurants & Dishes in Virginia Beach

With two Virginia Beach locations (as well as in Portsmouthand Norfolk), Guads has made a name for themselves in the food game. The 21ststreet location is seasonal so make sure you call in to make sure they're openduring your stay. The specialties options at Guads are where you'll findsomething to make everyone's mouths water. The fun atmosphere includes indoorand outdoor seating, an impressive tequila selection, large margaritas, bar andtv's make this the perfect dining experience to enjoy during your vacation andthen go right across the street to enjoy the day on the beach!

"Must try" menu item: Vallarta Burrito

The seafood lover in me is always drawn to menu items likethis burrito. This 10" tortilla is filled with shrimp, crab meat, lettuce,guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, and is topped with chipotle and adelectable seafood sauce.

Las Palmas

Mexican Restaurants & Dishes in Virginia Beach

This restaurant has chefs who really love what they do, andit shows with their creative dishes and beautifully plated meals. Along withtheir food, every day from 2pm - 8pm is happy hour. If you can think it, theycan make it! A fan favorite is the Tropicolada, a tantalizing combination of piña colada, banana, mango, and CalicoJack coconut rum; you've got to try it! They don't stop there though. All myfellow meat lovers should try the 12 oz. steak Vallarta rib-eye topped withshrimp and nacho cheese and served with guacamole salad, tortillas, rice, andbeans. The extensive menu has everything from tacos, steak, fajitas, arroz conpollo, chorizo, chalupas, nachos, vegetarian options, and more. Trust me, yourtaste buds will thank you no matter what you order.

"Must try" menu item: Fajitas Tropicales

With such a large and varied menu, it's hard to narrow itdown to just one thing. This is a unique dish that's not only delicious, butbeautifully served. It comes served in a half pineapple full of grilled shrimp,scallops and chicken with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Alittle bit sweet and a little bit savory make this dish the perfectcombination.

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