4 Sandbridge Beach Arts & Crafts for the Entire Family

Sandbridge Beach Arts & Crafts

Looking for cool creative ways to have fun at Sandbridge Beach? Try arts-&-crafts activities designed for both kids and grownups. You’ll be amazed by what you can make with common “beachy” materials.

Here are a few suggestions for easy, family-friendly crafts.

Seashell Votive Candles

You’ll need:

  • Mason jars or other empty glass containers, such as jelly glasses or pasta-sauce jars
  • Small votive candles in glass holders, available for about $1 each at any dollar store
  • Seashells you and your kids have collected from the beach

Simply insert the votives into the jars and surround them with your shells. Then set your votive jars atop a rustic burlap runner, light the wicks, and bask in the romantic ambiance.

Sand Casts

Kids love making sand casts right at the beach! You’ll need:

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water from any source – bottled or straight from the ocean
  • Cheap, disposable beach pail with spade or shovel
  • Disposable spoon or stick

… and, of course, sand, always available in abundance here at Sandbridge Beach!

First, make sure the nearby sand is soft and fluffy. If it’s packed down, use your spade to turn it over. 

Next, have your kids make impressions of their hands and feet. For feet casts, they can simply stand in the sand and push down really hard. For hand casts, they’ll need to press their palms down firmly.

If little ones have trouble pressing hard enough, gently help them out. Make sure those tiny fingers and toes show up clearly!

Now mix Plaster of Paris with water in your disposable bucket – one part plaster to two parts water.

  • Stir with a spade or stick until the mixture is fairly thick yet smooth (no lumps)
  • Pour into the sand “molds” your children have created.
  • If you wish, insert a small hook at the top of each mold to create an instant wall hanger.

Finally… let the mixture dry and harden. This takes at least half an hour.

Once the molds are hard, gently pry them out of the sand. If you like, use permanent markers to mark the backs with each child’s name and the day’s date.

Once you get home, display these precious mementos in shadow boxes or as wall hangings. Best beach souvenirs ever!

Driftwood Signs

Driftwood lends itself to all kinds of artwork. But for beginners, wall and door signs are probably easiest. You’ll need:

  • Driftwood you’ve found at the beach
  • Crafting stencils
  • Permanent markers and/or craft paints
  • Sandpaper
  • Hooks, twine, command strips, tacks, or other hangers

Your first step is easy: Gather some driftwood! Your kids will have a blast scouring the shore for beautifully weathered pieces. Search in the early morning, late afternoon, at low tide, or after a storm.

Once you’ve gathered all you want, go through the pieces and pick out the best ones for sign-making – fairly flat and not too rough or craggy.

If your wood is too long, use a handsaw or power saw to trim it to your desired length. Sand the surface, if needed.

If you’d like to add a message or design, you have two options:

  • Handwrite It:  If you’re good at printing, cursive, or calligraphy, simply use permanent markers to inscribe your message on the front of your board.
  • Stencil It: You can find crafting stencils – both letters and images – online or at any hobby store. Securely tape the stencils to the board surface. Then carefully fill in the letter/image outlines with a permanent marker or craft paint.

Now you’re ready to hang your sign. Again, you have several options:

  • Screw mug-hanger hooks into both ends, at the top. Then loop a length of sturdy twine through the hooks. Tie both ends around the hooks. Hang the twine from a nail or tack.
  • Stick command strips on the back at all four corners. Then secure your sign to any smooth wall or door.

Sand Dollar Ornaments

If you stroll along Sandbridge Beach at low tide, chances are you’ll spot some flat, whitish disks adorned with star-like patterns. These are the skeletons of sand dollars, a type of burrowing sea urchin. You’ll find they make perfect ornaments for Christmas or all year ’round.

First things first:

  • Make sure the sand dollars are dead. If they have soft spikes and “feet,” then they’re alive, and you shouldn’t disturb them.
  • If they’re dead – and skeletal – you can safely gather them. But be gentle. The hard, brittle skeletons can easily break apart.
  • Store them safely in a box or soft bag, so they won’t crack or break in transit.

Once you’ve gathered your specimens:

  • Wash off any grit and sand.
  • For a bleached-white look, soak each sand dollar in a solution of 30% bleach, 70% water, and let it dry.
  • If desired, spray each specimen with varnish or shellac to help prevent chipping.

Then simply string twine or ribbon through one of the natural holes in each sand dollar. Presto – instant ornament, ready for hanging!

The Possibilities Truly Are Endless

You’ll never run out of sweet things to do at Sandbridge Beach, VA. Gather the fam, load up the car, and head for the seashore today!

For additional inspiration check out our Sandbridge Beach Craft Pinterest board.



4 Sandbridge Beach Arts & Crafts for the Entire Family

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