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3 Unique Things to Do During Your Sandbridge Vacation

There's more to Sandbridge Beach than white sand and sparkling surf. This secluded coastal paradise offers a wide variety of family-friendly adventures - at the beach and beyond - including a few you may not have tried before.

So, if you're up for something new and different, check out fun-filled options like these.

Sail in Search of Treasure Aboard an Authentic Pirate Ship

What youngster doesn't love pirate lore? So, if you have kids - or if you're a kid at heart - don't miss your chance to set sail with Captain Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures, launching from 227 Mediterranean Ave., Virginia Beach, just 12.5 miles north of Sandbridge.

You'll ride aboard the Black Pearl, an exact, realistic replica of a 65-foot Spanish galleon. This picturesque ship is packed with period details, so you'll feel like you've entered an 18th-century time warp. But don't worry, mateys, your shipshape vessel meets all current U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Plus, it's powered by twin Cummins 315 HP Diesel Engines, so it goes full steam ahead even when the wind dies down.

Once on board, your little buccaneers will receive in-depth pirate training, so they'll be ready to chase after Blackbeard's Ghost to retrieve the Lost Pearl's stolen treasure. Decked out with toy swords, eye patches, tricorn hats, and temporary tattoos, your kids will practice their pirating skills via games, skits, face painting, songs and dances, and more. Then they'll take the official pirate oath - and off they'll go on an exciting voyage on the open Atlantic ocean. (In iffy weather, the Lost Pearl sails Rudee's Inlet instead.)

The entire trip takes about an hour and 15 minutes. During that time, your kids will have multiple chances to fire genuine water cannons. (It's a blast, in more ways than one!) Plus, they'll get to nosh on scrumptious snacks such as pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream, and wash it all down with refreshing sodas, water, and juice.

Best of all, they'll get to keep their pirate souvenirs, so they can go right on swashbuckling even after the voyage is over.

Captain Jack's offers several tour options, including Family Fun Cruises, Birthday Party Cruises, plus group cruises at special rates. Go online or call 757-305-9700 to book your family's outing.

Learn to Surf, Even If You've Never Tried It Before

Are your kids clamoring for surfing lessons? Are you thinking of catching a wave or two yourself? You're in luck. Several outfits offer surfing lessons in and near Sandbridge Beach.

Through the Surf & Adventure Company, for example, you can enjoy individual and/or group lessons off the north side of Little Island Pier right in the heart of Sandbridge.

Geared toward beginners, ages 8 and up, these intensive two-hour sessions introduce you to basic techniques, then guide you as you put them into practice. There's one instructor for every four learners. And all instructors are seasoned surfers, skilled at swimming, first aid, and rescue.

Rest assured, you won't start right off riding those huge, gnarly waves. Your instructors will take you step by step - or, rather, wave by wave - through the entire learning process. Plus, they'll be with you all the way to head off any potential problems.

In less time than you'd think, you'll be feeling that keen, exhilarating thrill you can only get when you're carving the waves. There's absolutely nothing else like it.

Group lessons with the Surf & Adventure Company start at $70. One-on-one sessions cost a little more. To schedule your lesson, call 757-721-6210.

Make a Splash at Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Water surrounds you at Sandbridge, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and massive Back Bay on the other. But sometimes you want even more - a chance to rocket down a twisting tunnel, tube along a sparkling river, splash in a million-gallon wave pool, or simply relax while your little ones play in the spray.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark lets you do all this and more. Located just 12.1 miles north of Sandbridge, this family-focused park offers more than 30 rides, slides, and attractions, including:

  • Operation Splashdown, an all-new six-story raft ride that takes you through twisting channels, sudden drops, and heart-pounding vortex loops
  • Sea Serpent, 350 watery feet of the fully enclosed track featuring steeply banked curves and thrilling 360° turns
  • The Vortex, Trident, Earth Shaker, Paradise Pipeline, and other exciting water slides loaded with twists, loops, and drops
  • Adventure River, a tubing attraction, where you can drift downstream for a full 10 minutes on a gentle, steady current, past a shimmering waterfall, and into a lazy lagoon
  • Runaway Bay, a huge, crystal-clear wave pool that offers something for everyone, from leisurely floating to serious swimming to splashing in the spray
  • Buccaneer Bay, a pirate-themed water playground loaded with fun activities geared toward little children

You'll Find All This and More in and Around Sandbridge Beach

You'll never run out of cool things to do in this scenic seaside retreat. And, when you're all done for the day, you can relax and unwind at your Sandbridge vacation rental just steps from the bay or ocean. Pack the car and head to Sandbridge Beach right away!

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