Posted by Tim Cafferty

10/9/17 Columbus Day Sunrise

Greetings from a beautiful Sandbridge Beach on this Columbus day morning.   The sunrise was spectacular this morning over the Atlantic ocean and today looks to be a gorgeous day here on the coast of Virginia.Temperatures have been unseasonably warm on the beach here over the last few days with gentle breezes and sunny skies.  Today is no different as the weather people tell us to put on the sunscreen and look for temperatures in the 80's.  The only downer is there is a 50% chance of rain this afternoon.The weather and the beautiful skies today made us look into the archives and find this sunrise that could have been easily taken this morning.Special thanks goes to Gordon Hawley who provided us this picture from his most recent stay with Sandbridge Blue.   He says "although you can see them too well in the picture, these are my kids enjoying the surf early in the morning as the sun rises."We like the picture just fine Gordon.  Thanks for sending it along.All the best from the beach!
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