Posted by Tim Cafferty

Sailing Away: Memory Monday October 2, 2017.

Greetings from Sandbridge on this beautiful Monday.  We hope you had a good weekend and are looking forward to the upcoming Columbus day weekend.  We still have some weekend getaways available if you are looking for a place at the beach.  Speaking of which this week's Memory Monday photo submission is entitled "Sailing Away" and it provided to us by Beth Noble.Beth captured this great photo of one of her own by the water watching a small sailboat just off of Sandbridge beach.  Sailing away.  One can't help but wonder if the youngster in this photo is imagining driving that boat as she looks out over the ocean.We appreciate Beth sending us this photo and remind you that you too can participate in Sandbridge Blue's Memory Monday photo contest.   Just send us your favorite photo memories and keep in mind that we post a new photo here each Monday.  We then randomly select one of the photos submitted each month and get that winner a $100 credit towards their next stay with Sandbridge Blue.  Pretty good deal huh?Thanks again to Beth and all the best from the beach!
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