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Top 5 Tips for Packing Light for Your Sandbridge Beach Vacation

Baby In Travel Suitcase. Kid Inside Luggage Packed For VacationLugging tons of bags, suitcases, and totes is one thing about vacations that most people can't stand. Packing light can help you reduce stress and enjoy your vacation even more. Insider wisdom from regular Sandbridge Beach vacationers is to pack your suitcase, then take half of it out and leave it at home. There is some wisdom in that long-running joke because Sandbridge Beach is a casual seaside town, and you probably won't need half of what you think you will. Here are our top five tips for packing light for your Sandbridge Beach vacation.1. When it comes to clothing, follow the 3:2:1 rule. Pack three casual outfits, two bathing suits, and one nicer outfit per person. All pieces of your casual outfits should be interchangeable and should wash and dry quickly. The idea is that you'll have one bathing suit or casual outfit on, one drying or airing out, and one clean and ready to go.Sundresses and sandals for women or golf shirts and khakis for guys are all you need for casual dinners. Ladies can switch up an essential sundress at dinner with a lightweight scarf or sun hat, and guys can sneak in an extra polo to wear with one nice pair of slacks or chinos. Most people find their fashion standards relax as they begin to relax.2. Minimize toiletries. If you're traveling as a couple or with your family, it's likely that you can easily share basic toiletries such as shampoo, shaving cream, and toothpaste. This is also a great time to experiment with two-in-one products such as a cleansing conditioner, or a conditioning bar that also serves as shave cream.While a colorful pedicure looks great in flip-flops and sandals, skip the polish on fingernails and go for a glossy, natural buff. That way you can forget worrying about polish chips and touch-ups.Toiletries you can leave at home? Perfume, foundation, and multi-step skin cleansing and moisturizing products. Most people find that sunblock not only protects their skin but also eliminates the need for a separate moisturizer. Keep it simple with a good cleanser and a sunblock made especially for the face.For those used to taming curls with straightening irons and hair products, you can leave those things at home, too. Beach breezes and high humidity make fighting naturally curly hair a losing battle. Instead, a few ponytail holders and a cute hat take less space in your suitcase and less time out of your vacation.3. Take a break from makeup. Even if you usually never leave the house without makeup, consider taking a break and going natural for a week. You'll blend right in with the local ladies, most of whom wear only sunscreen, tinted lip balm, and a smart pair of sunglasses.4. Limit yourself to one bag. Seasoned travelers know that if you get out the big suitcase, you're probably going to fill it. Limit yourself to a carry-on-sized suitcase and a tote bag that can double as a beach bag. While traveling, stuff your tote with healthy snacks, a sweater, and reading material, and once you've arrived fill it with sunblock, a good book, and beach towels. This is also a good time to take a break from technology. Bring your Smartphone and e-reader, but consider leaving the laptop and iPad at home. You'll not only reduce your screen time, but you'll avoid carrying around all those extra cases and chargers.5. Know what your rental property offers. Good news for those who love smoothies and blended beverages: There's no need to pack a blender in your suitcase (wink). All Sandbridge Blue rentals come with a blender, toaster, coffee maker, pots, pans, dishes, and essential eating and cooking utensils.You'll also get bed linens, bath towels, and a starter supply of toilet paper, bathroom soap, paper towels, and dishwasher detergent. You can easily pick up groceries and supplies for around the same price as what they cost you at home. Save room in your bag by shopping for things like coffee, plastic ware, and picnic items when you arrive. Rentals do come with a washer and dryer, and the most space-saving way to pack laundry detergent and fabric softener is by purchasing flat, single-use travel packs of detergent and a Ziploc baggie of dryer sheets.Sandbridge Beach has a casual, simple, lifestyle, so you won't need fancy clothes or multiple pairs of shoes or outfits. Packing light helps you get into a more relaxed, casual frame of mind before you even leave home. Plus, when you pack light for a vacation, you have fewer things to carry, keep track of, and clean once you get home. That will help you hold on to your vacation frame of mind once you're back in the real world.
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