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Top 10 Things to Do in Sandbridge Beach, VA

Sandbridge Beach may be a hidden gem, removed fromthe hustle-bustle. But this secluded coastal paradise offers plenty to see anddo, including fun-filled attractions for your entire family. Here are just a fewoptions.

things to do in Sandbridge

Explore Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Love unspoiled natural beauty? You'll be in seventhheaven at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, located less than half a milesouth of Sandbridge Beach.

This protected coastal reserve serves as feeding andresting grounds for thousands of migratory birds winging along the AtlanticFlyway. Plus, it preserves precious habitat for a wide range of other wildlife,from bald eagles to loggerhead turtles. All told, it covers 9,250 acres of pristinesandy beach, dunes, woodlands, fields, and marshes.

Open daily from dawn to dusk, the Refuge provides countlessopportunities for outdoor recreation. You can hike along scenic foot trails; fishfor surf and freshwater fish; bike through untouched wilderness; canoe oversparkling bay waters; and even hunt (with a seasonal permit).

Best of all, you can catch fascinating glimpses of allkinds of coastal wildlife, including ducks, swans, snow geese, Canada geese,and other colorful waterfowl.

Fish from Little Island Pier

Love hassle-free inshore angling? Check out LittleIsland Pier, located at Little Island District Park just north of Back BayRefuge. For a modest fee - no license required - you and your family can castyour lines for drum, flounder, croaker, striped bass, and other tasty game fish.You'll need only a rod and reel, tackle box, and cooler. There's even aconvenient cleaning station right there at the pier.

Ready to savor your freshly caught fish? The122-acre park includes a spacious picnic area, featuring four covered sheltersequipped with charcoal grills. Feast on your "catch of the day," thenenjoy an invigorating game of tennis, volleyball, pickleball, or basketball. Orsimply sit back and relax as your little ones romp in the playground.   

Ride a Rescued Horse Through the Waves

Ever dream of riding horseback across a spotlesssandy beach? At Easy Does It Ranch and Riding Academy, your dream can come trueanytime.

Headquartered just 3.2 miles from Sandbridge Beach, VA,Easy Does It Ranch rescues and rehabilitates endangered older horses, trainingthem to safely carry riders age 8 and up.

Throughout the year, the ranch offers guided rides overwooded coastal trails. And in warm months, instructors lead kids and adultsthrough shallow Back Bay waters. All proceeds go to benefit Pungo Equine Rescue& Rehab.

Tee Off at Hell's Point Golf Club

Love golf? You're in luck. Just four miles fromSandbridge Beach, in the heart of Back Bay Refuge, you can play 18 challengingholes at picturesque Hell's Point Golf Course.

With a variety of membership arrangements -including associate and junior plans - this breathtaking bayfront course givesgolfers of all skills and ages the chance to play world-class golf amid fabledcoastal scenery.

Visit False Cape State Park

Like to hike, bike, and boat? You'll appreciateFalse Cape State Park, with its 4,321 acres of undeveloped coastal beauty.Visit anytime to trek through woodland trails, take a guided kayak tour, andexplore six miles of white-sand beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore Lotus Garden Park

Own a kayak, canoe, or paddle board? Launch fromeither side of the road at Lotus Garden Park to navigate North Bay, MuddyCreek, and/or Ashville Bridge Creek.

You'll love the lush grasses and lotus blossoms thatflourish in these waters. And you'll relish the chance to spot rare birds and coastalwildlife. (Be sure to have your camera handy!)

Stock Up at Surf & Adventure Company

Need to rent or purchase equipment for your favoritewatersports? Want expert, affordable lessons in surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding? Come to top-rated Surf & Adventure Company, just 3.9 miles away fromthe heart of Sandbridge Beach. Along with its other goods and services, thiswell-known local business offers guided family kayak tours... and even providesa luscious lunch when you return from the tour.

Find All-Natural Produce at Sustainable New Earth Farm

Tired of pale, mushy tomatoes; bland, boring lettuce;and other tasteless veggies tainted with toxic pesticides? Visit award-winningNew Earth Farm, a 21-acre working farm that grows all its yummy produce usingonly natural methods. Shop for fresh, leafy greens; red, juicy tomatoes; crisp,delicious apples; tender gourmet asparagus; and other flavorful goodies, all completelyfree of harmful artificial chemicals.

Watch Frisky Dolphins at Play

Did you know that Sandbridge Beach is one of the nation'sprime places for viewing bottlenose dolphins? Come to the shore or the pier atearly morning or dusk to spot these sleek silver creatures as they leap, soar,splash, and frolic in the foamy ocean waves. It's an unforgettable experience.

Relax on the Shores of Sandbridge Beach

Love the ocean but not the crowds? At beautiful SandbridgeBeach, you can swim, surf, stroll, and sunbathe in amazing peace and privacy.Your kids will love wading in warm, balmy water, building sandcastles on theshore, climbing dunes, and searching for shells. And you'll love leasing aluxury rental at a surprisingly affordable rate!

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