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Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental: What's Allowed and What Isn't

Beaches and dogs seem to have an affinity for one another. Frolicking in the surf, romping through the sand and running full speed ahead are the makings of a perfect K-9 afternoon.

You may assume that all beach rentals in Sandbridge, VA allow pets to accompany their owners on vacation: not true. Those that do may have restrictions. If you're hoping to book a pet-friendly vacation rental, it's best to ask a few questions and do a bit of planning beforehand to make sure everything goes as you expect.

Does pet-friendly mean cats are welcome?

Typically, "pet-friendly" equates to "dog-friendly." Unless a listing mentions cats by name, it should not be taken for granted that felines are welcome. Because of cats' tendency to spray when they are in unfamiliar territory (and how difficult it is to remove the odor), most property owners do not allow cats.

What sizes/types of pets are allowed?

You are likely to find a limit to the number and size of dogs you can bring. The average number is two and it is typical to find a size restriction mentioned such as "small" or "extra-small," so read the listing carefully before booking.

Is there an extra cost?

Rental companies typically charge an additional fee or a deposit for pet-friendly rentals. Just one of the many benefits of booking through Sandbridge Blue, however, is that Fido stays free.

Is everything my dog needs provided?

You will want to bring your dog's essentials with you when you visit, including:
  • Bed/kennel
  • Food & treats
  • Bowls for food & water
  • Toys (including water toys/fetch toys)
  • Leash
  • Pick-up bags
  • Bottled water or water from home
Make sure your dog is ready to travel. Some dogs get anxious when they are out of their normal environment. This can lead to excessive barking, whining, chewing and other undesirable behaviors. You are responsible for any damage your pet does to the rental property and also for being a good neighbor.

With a little forethought, you and your K-9 kid can have a fabulous time in one of the most gorgeous areas of the country.
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