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Catch Your Own Dinner at Sandbridge Beach, VA

Fresh trout sizzling in butter. Plump shrimp simmering instew. Tender chunks of crabmeat nestled in savory cream sauce in a bed of pennepasta.Sound scrumptious? Most coastal natives would agree. They'dalso insist that these treats taste even better when you've caught themyourself. After all, for

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3 Scrumptious Seafood Recipes You Can Catch and Cook in Your Sandbridge Beach Rental

What's for dinner? How about freshly caught fish? At your Sandbridge Beach rental, you can reel in your own"catch of the day," then cook up a luscious seafood meal in yourfully equipped kitchen. All you'll need is a Virginia Saltwater Fishing License(for the ocean), a Freshwater License (for Back

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