Top 5 Places to get Dessert in Virginia Beach

SPOON Dessert Café

If you’re a foodie like me, finding a good place for dessert is a necessity on any vacation. Whether you’re looking for a quick ice cream cone after a long hot day on the beach or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring around Virginia Beach, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of our favorite dessert places in and around Sandbridge Beach: READ MORE

Christmas in Sandbridge – Memory Monday 12/24/18

Greetings from a glorious Sandbridge Beach. I was just out on the beach earlier this morning with my dog enjoying a beautiful Christmas Eve sunrise.

It was truly an amazing sight as the sun was rising over an otherwise very calm Atlantic ocean, I looked to the west and saw the remnants of a full moon setting in the northwestern sky. Did you know that the full moon we had on the first day of winter was such a rare situation that none of us may live to see it again. READ MORE

Relaxing – Memory Monday 12/17/18

Relaxing at the beach
Good morning from a bright and sunny Sandbridge beach.   A good day to take a brisk walk on the beach as temperatures are expected to reach 60 degrees today.   Or you can just head to your deck and enjoy a relaxing view.

That is what we offer you today on Memory Monday.   A simple photo that conveys all that is good with a beach vacation.   Who would not enjoy sitting on your oceanfront deck, prop your feet up on the railing, and enjoy a warm beverage as you gaze out at the ocean?  In fact, how about we do that today?!

We hope you are having a relaxing day wherever you may be.   This is a busy and stressful week for a lot of people as it is effectively the last week of the business year as many companies are closed multiple days over the next two weeks.  Lots of family travel is in store for folks as well.

If you still have holiday shopping to do this week, or if you have some deadlines to meet at work we pass this photo on to you as our gift from Sandbridge Blue to remind you that relaxing times can be yours.

Now is the time to start thinking about a vacation for summer 2019 and we still have good availability on our properties for next year.   January starts our busy season in terms of bookings so why not take a look around our inventory today and get a head start on your own relaxing vacation?  Our booking calendars are all open for next year right now, and we can set you and your family up today with your own relaxing vacation.

We are ready when you are with our reservations staff available 24 hours to help with any questions you may have.

In the meantime we wish you all the best from the beach!

Memory Monday – Friends 12/10/18

Good morning from a very active Sandbridge Beach this morning weather wise as we look forward to winter storm Diego moving away from us and taking with it the affects on our weather.   Diego is not considered one of our friends.

Winds are blowing steadily at 25-30 miles per hour along the oceanfront this morning, and we had gusts yesterday upwards of 40 miles per hour.  Add to that a good amount of rain, some sleet, and a few minutes of snow and that made for a very ugly day along the beach.  We even had some of the flags in front of our office tattered by the strong weather.  Very surprising for us.

We look for better weather ahead, but this morning we look back on Memory Monday to a great photo that reminds us that not all of our vacation rentals are occupied by families getting together.   While we don’t normally rent to non-family groups….one could consider these ladies an extended family once you hear their story.

This photo is of a group of ladies that came and stayed with Blue in September.  Ann L tells the story of this remarkable photo.

She says “we live in a small rural town on the Rhappahannock river.  On our street great neighbors join together in times of need and times of fun.  9 ladies pictured here make an annual trip to the beach…and this is the official trip picture.”  What a great looking group of friends!

We think that is inspiring, and great.  Thank you Ann for sharing your photo of you and your friends with us.  It seems to us that times like this are rare occasions these days and it is encouraging to see the enjoyment of just being together and sharing in a photo.

We look forward to serving you and your group again soon.

All the best from the beach!

Sand Chairs – Memory Monday 9/17/18

Sand chairs 2
Greetings from Sandbridge Beach which is quickly getting back to normal this morning.   The clouds have cleared out for the first time in almost a week, and we saw the most fantastic sunrise earlier this morning.   It looks like a good day to get some beach chairs and head to the water.

We have had quite a week here in Sandbridge.  We are trying to remember the last time an evacuation order was called for the area (it has been quite a while), but indeed the governor did call an evacuation for us last week in advance of Hurricane Florence.   The order was lifted on Saturday, and we welcomed our guests back over the weekend.   It was quite strange without them for a few days.

So that brings us to our normal routine, and that includes our Memory Monday photo submission.   Today’s submission is brought to us courtesy of Dwight Vaughn of Warrenton, Virginia who stayed with Sandbridge Blue two weeks ago at the vacation rental property “Starfish Inn.”

Dwight shows us a couple of pictures of his grandchildren enjoying their own “Sand Chairs.”  Who needs those bulky plastic or aluminum seats that you have to lug over the dunes when you can just move around some nice cool sand and plant your backside right on the sand?!

These handy chairs were made by their aunt and uncle.  We particularly like the arms on the chairs.   Ultimate comfort.

Dwight signs his message “One Proud Gandpa.”   We can believe it.  The cute factor machine will break when it comes to these pictures.  Thanks for sharing your photo memories Dwight.

Keep in mind we post photo memories of your Sandbridge Blue vacation right here every Monday on Memory Monday.   Then randomly we choose one of our submissions each month to win a drawing for a $100 discount on next year’s vacation with Sandbridge Blue.   We hope you win Dwight.

All the best from the beach!

Labor day in Sandbridge – Memory Monday 9/3/18

Labor day memories
Greetings from Sandbridge.  Can it possibly be true that today is Labor day?   Wow.  Where did this summer go?

It seems like just last week it was May, and we were looking forward to Memorial day and another great summer.  Now, while we officially still have 2 weeks of summer left, the unofficial end of summer is here and our kids are ready to go back to school (well, they are probably not ready, but they are going back tomorrow anyway!).

This summer has been a hot one.   July and August were record setting, and we had more than our share of rain this summer, but we still enjoyed the wonderful beach days.   There were a lot of them and there were a lot of great memories made by our wonderful rental guests.  Many of whom shared their photo memories with us here at Sandbridge blue!

That brings us to this week’s photo memory.   Jen sent this one in, and she has a picture of her gang wading into the cool water on a very calm ocean day recently.   We had a lot of very calm days this August that were just like this one pictured.

So while we put the wraps on another great summer season here in Sandbridge we invite you to enjoy labor day in whatever way seems right (go to the water park one last time, head out to the ocean, go play golf, or piddle around the house and maybe have a cookout), and think about coming to Sandbridge this fall to enjoy the peace and solitude that only the fall season at the beach can deliver.

We look forward to seeing our summer friends again next year, but we hope to see you again very soon.

All the best from the beach!




Sandbridge Sunrise – Memory Monday 8/20/18

Sunrise at Sandbridge
Greetings from Sandbridge.   It looks to be a great day today with temperatures in the 80’s.  Good beach weather with a small chance of a thunderstorm.   We just enjoyed a great sunrise earlier this morning and that brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission.

Roberty Filipiak of Newport News, Virginia stayed with Blue and one morning he was the first to be awake, and got this perfectly angled early morning shot of the sun coming up over the Atlantic Ocean to start another fabulous day at the beach.

There is absolutely nothing like getting up early in the morning before the sun rises and witnessing the earliest light coming over the ocean.   The fingers of light that Robert captured in this photo is breathtaking.

There actually is a scientific name for this – Crepuscular rays  or fingers of light are a real thing.  We don’t see it very often first thing in the morning, but it sure was captured in this sunrise.

So today being the 20th of August is an important day.   Just two weeks from today will be Labor Day and the summer will be close to the end.   The good news for you is there is still time to make it away for a Sandbridge getaway.   We still have some limited availability next week, and also some openings for Labor Day week if you can find the time – we can find a place for you to escape to before the summer is over.

We can’t promise a sunrise like Robert presented in this week’s Memory Monday,, but we can promise a relaxing environment for you to slow down and catch up on the important things in life like time with your family.

We thank Robert for his photo submission and we look forward to serving his family (an your family) again soon.

All the best from the beach!

Bird lover – Memory Monday 7/23/18

Bird watcher
Greetings from Sandbridge.   This Monday is a beautiful day – if you are a sea bird.   Unfortunately a rainy Monday so far, and we have an unsettled weather pattern this week.  Much different than we have seen for the majority of this summer.

That brings us to this week’s Memory Monday photo submission that comes to us from JoAnn Morgano of Copley, Ohio who stayed with Sandbridge Blue just two weeks ago at the property “Strickly Fun.”

JoAnn’s e-mail address is birdlover@ so we figured on a day when birds are taking it easy we would post JoAnn’s pictures!

Sure looks like JoAnn and her gang had a great time while they were in Sandbridge.

The bird fun at “Strickly fun” started in the pool.

JoAnn sent us a number of pictures from her recent stay.   Here’s one some hula girls that vacationed with her!

Then there is this photo where is looks like this young lady is flexing her muscles at the ocean before going out there to show it who is boss….

Finally there is a picture of the whole flock of bird lovers….everyone has a big smile so it looks like the stay at Sandbridge was a big success…

Thank you JoAnn for sharing your photo memories with us.   Makes us feel good about what we do here at Sandbridge Blue – helping to create great memories.

This gives us an opportunity to remember to tell you that every Monday we post a picture (or several) that were passed on to us from our wonderful guests who send along their pictures each week.  Bird themes are not required.    We then randomly select one of our postings each month to win our drawing for a $100 discount towards your next year’s stay with Sandbridge Blue.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon.

All the best from the beach.

Palace Memories – Memory Monday 7/9/18

Hawaiian Palace
Greetings this morning from a beautiful Sandbridge Beach.   Temperatures are wonderful this morning (high 70’s) with high temps expected in the low 80’s.   Quite a nice break from the recent relentless heat we have been experiencing.   Tropical Storm Chris is to our south off of Cape Hatteras which is making the ocean angry today, and the winds are a bit more like the fall than the middle of July, but it is a wonderful day.   This week we have photo memories of a recent stay in Hawaiian Palace when the  temperatures were not quite so pleasant.

Christy Clark, who describes herself as Bella and Carter’s Mom stayed in this oceanfront beauty just two weeks ago, and sent along this great photo of the whole crew at the back of the house.

Hawaiian Palace is one of our most popular properties, not only because of its close proximity to the beach, but also because of its spaciousness, and the wonderful pool area beside the house.

Built on two oceanfront lots the property stretches itself out to allow for ocean views from virtually every room in the property.

Thank you Christy for sharing your photo memories of staying with us at Sandbridge Blue.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

Don’t forget to send your photo memories of your stay with Sandbridge Blue to us.  Each Monday we post one of the photos we have received, and once each month we randomly choose a winner from among the previous month’s postings to win a $100 discount on their next year’s stay with Sandbridge Blue.

We can’t wait to post your memories!

All the best from the beach.

A Bradfield Vacation – Memory Monday 7/2/18

Greetings from a hot, humid, and wonderful Sandbridge!  If you don’t like the weather we have in store this week, then you probably are not a candidate for a beach vacation.   Rain chances are low, sun exposure is high, and the water is inviting.   A great time to be on the beaches of Sandbridge.   The Bradfield family just enjoyed such a week here and we have a gallery of photos this week to share as this week’s Memory Monday

Bob Bradfield is the one that sent all of these photos to us, and he gave us a bit of background on each.

The Bradfields stayed in the property Jim-N-I-Dream.   He sent these photos of the house.

Here’s another angle of the property.

And then there is this spectacular shot of Sandbridge from the air.

On this next one, you have to look closely, but you can see a rainbow on the horizon.  Great shot Bob!

And then to wrap things up Bob Bradfield sends us along a beautiful sunrise from his rental property.

Thank you Bob for all of your pictures and photo memories of your vacation with Sandbridge Blue.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

In the meantime, if you are reading this and have not booked your 2018 summer vacation here at Sandbridge – you are not too late.  We are very full, but we still have select availability on almost every week between now and Labor Day.  Check out our special promotional pricing page to give you an idea of the savings available to you.

All the best from the beach.