Family-Friendly Spring Break In Sandbridge, VA

When spring break rolls around, many families disperse in several different directions to get away from it all. College students hightail it to Florida, teens take a break at sports camp, and Mom and Dad head to the coast to take in some waves. This year, why not work on strengthening the ties that bind and give the whole family a spring break vacation they will not forget with a fabulous beach rental in Sandbridge, Virginia? READ MORE

Year-End Wrap-Up: Relax and Rejuvenate in Sandbridge Beach, VA

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to plan a sabbatical of sorts. As 2014 fades into a memory and 2015 stands ready and full of promise, making room in your schedule for some down time is precisely what the doctor ordered. READ MORE

Go Coastal for Your Next Family Reunion at Sandbridge Beach

Family reunions are a time for having fun and building great memories, so it only makes sense that the venue plays a major role in the success of your get-together. Large cities can be noisy and crowded; mountains and campgrounds may not suit all comfort levels among your loved ones, and generic suburbs simply lack that “wow” factor. READ MORE

Snowy Owl spotted in Sandbridge!

Photo by Karen Beatty

As our neighbors to the north are expecting more
snow this weekend, we have no snow in our
Beach forecast
.  However,
recent sightings of a Snowy Owl at
Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge have birders and nature enthusiasts excited about
its appearance.  They have usually do not travel this far south, so there is no wonder the
excitement level is high for those who track this bird!


Go Whale Watching in the Winter!

Have you ever wondered what there is to do in #Sandbridge,
Virginia Beach during the winter months?  

=&0=& =&1=& I used to think you had to go somewhere remote like Alaska or Iceland to see whales.  Not true!  Catch them while they are migrating south for the winter.  Now is a great time to vacation in Sandbridge Beach and see some of the most magnificent creatures on earth in their natural habitat. Need a place to stay for the weekend?  We only have a three night minimum at our Sandbridge Vacation Rentals in the winter! READ MORE

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