Spencer smile – Memory Monday 7/16/18

Spencer smile

Good morning and thanks for stopping by our blog here at Sandbridge Blue.   We are in the midst of having a great summer at Sandbridge, and folks are having a fantastic time at the beach with great weather, refreshing ocean water, and lots of fun family activities to enjoy.  This week on our Memory Monday photo submission we provide you a picture we are calling “Spencer smile.” READ MORE

Labor Day!: Memory Monday September 4, 2017.

Happy Labor day!   We are having a simply fantastic day here in Sandbridge.  The weather is perfect.  I mean it is really perfect!  Temps are great, sun is shining, there is no chance of rain, and the ocean is absolutely beautiful.   The only thing that is better than the weather is for us that have school aged children we are sending them back to school tomorrow!   woo hoo! READ MORE