Planning a Sandbridge Beach Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever worked with travel agents, you’re aware
that they have a standard list of questions they ask before beginning. Once they have the answers, they use
the information to come up with a fabulous adventure for you and your family. You can easily do the same.

Who’s Going on Vacation?

Just you and your honey? Mom, Dad and a couple
of small children? Older folks? From a solo trip to a grand family reunion, knowing how many people and who
they are will alter every other part of the planning process.

If your getaway
includes anyone other than your immediate family, start a list that includes the person’s name and any
special needs he or she may have. For instance, if Grandma is coming along and she uses a wheelchair, you’ll
need to make arrangements with the airline and be sure to book a rental home that is handicap-accessible.

What’s Your Budget?

As much as we’d love to say, “Money is no object,”
when it comes to our vacations, most people can’t. Getting a firm grasp on how much you can comfortably
spend is a vital first step. Without understanding what’s within your budget, you won’t be able to get too
far into the planning process.

When Are You Traveling?

If you
want to be in Sandbridge Beach during popular dates, book ahead and plan to pay more. Festivals, July 4th,
Memorial Day and Labor Day all draw big crowds and can cause rental car, food and other prices to increase.
If you have a special occasion that requires you to travel on specific dates (birthday, anniversary,
wedding), you’ll also want to start your search for accommodations early to ensure you get what you want.

If you can, be flexible with your dates. Whether it’s rental cars or lodging, being in a
position to take what’s available can oftentimes save you a good deal of money.

the Drive

Don’t forget to plan things to do during the drive.
has wonderful tips for moms and dads who are traveling with kids that list several creative ideas to occupy

Keep a bag at the ready that contains wipes, napkins, medicine and any
other vitals you might need. Also pack a cooler with drinks and snacks. If you’re traveling a long distance,
schedule a stop at a rest area so everyone can stretch their legs and enjoy a picnic lunch. You can search
online for a list of rest stops by entering the state you’ll be traveling through, plus the interstate and
the phrase “rest areas.”

Where Will You Stay?

When you’re
browsing the listings at Sandbridge Blue,
you’ll find plenty of exceptional rental homes and condos. How many bedrooms do you need? Will the kids
share or do they each need a room? Are other guests coming that require space? Are sleeper sofas an option?
Are there accessibility issues with bunk beds or bedrooms on upper floors?

How big
should the rental house/condo be? A family of four could be quite comfortable in a three-bedroom rental.
Then, add a bedroom for each additional one to two people (depending on whether they will share bedrooms).

Make sure to indicate whether you require vacation rentals that are pet-friendly, are
oceanfront, have elevators, have pools or other specifics.


are one of the most overlooked expenses for vacations. Most people don’t realize that the cost of breakfast,
lunch, dinner and snacks (including tips) can reach $100 per adult, per day, if you’re eating out the entire

Thankfully, vacation rental homes come with fully equipped kitchens. With a
quick trip to the local store, you can stock up on cereal and milk, bacon and eggs, fruit and yogurt, or
whatever else your family likes for breakfast.

Planning to spend your days on the
beach? Toss some sandwiches or cold fried chicken into a cooler and have an ocean-side picnic for way less
than the cost of a restaurant meal. And it’s much more fun, too!

Are Your Friends

As you’re collecting information, add it to a physical folder or a folder on your
computer. Keeping all your details in one place will make it much simpler for you to find what you need
easily and organize all the bits and pieces involved with planning a vacation.

you do a bit of prep work beforehand, you can make quick work of planning an affordable Sandbridge Beach
vacation that you and your family will remember for years to come.



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